Thursday, October 16, 2014

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The $2 Million Shock Letter

What kind of thank-you letter would you write if you won $2 million on the lottery?

Could you imagine writing an email like the following one?

What would yours look like?

And how would it feel having $2 milllion dollars sitting in your bank account while you figured out what to do with it?

Here's an example of what such a letter would look like written to lottery guru Ken Silver, after a successful win using the Silver Lotto System:

"Dear Ken,
"You’ve got thousands of customers I've heard, so you probably don't remember me. I sent you an email with my problems about my lotto finances a couple of months back, and you said that your Silver PRO System would help. Well it did--better than I ever thought. I played the first week and got back $6,370.00. But you won't believe what happened next week - I got $5. I was pretty unimpressed, but suppose the first week made up for my disappointment.

OK, so I went back to my favorite lottery store, and Jean behind the counter remembers me because of my winning, and she is always friendly, but I guess she is really curious this time when I told her about your program. She wants to know if I'm planning to get the jackpot. I kid her along, saying yes, it's mine. I truly believe it. I mean, the $6,370.00 was a godsend cause it paid most of our bills, but I wanted to buy my kids a house each and stuff like that, so I needed a lot more (not being greedy Ken you understand, just want to help my family along!)

Here's the result- I WON that week! $2,000,000. Two million!! I couldn’t believe it, just like in a dream. Then after I told my husband and we had a holiday, I sat down to write you this email because I truly believe that without your system I would still be without a future. Now I can have anything I want, but I especially wanted you to know because your system got me there. You can put this testimony in your pages along with the others.

Thank you so much, you have changed my life!!!"

I'm betting your letter would look very similar to this one... once you got over the shock of winning.

Ken has received thousands of testimonials from his Silver Lotto System players since 1991.

Buy the system today, and get your email ready for the letter you will write after your win!

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Best Lottery Software - How to Win Lottery Using the Best Lotto Software

If you want to know how to win the sweepstakes, then you need to examine a sweepstakes application on the internet.

There are plenty of sweepstakes software programs out there but most of them are not good.

In reality, most sweepstakes software programs are out of date or basically don't perform. They provide bogus guarantees and just don't do the job.

That's why you should look for essential criterias when looking for a sweepstakes application on the internet.

1) Is it simple to use?
It's essential to know that a sweepstakes application is simple to use. That's because you don't want to invest some time and time trying to determine how to use the application.

2) Does it perform worldwide?
Some sweepstakes software programs may be great but it might not perform in your nation or condition. So determine that out first before you get a sweepstakes application.

3) Does it perform for all sweepstakes games?
Another crucial thing is to discover out if the application is suitable with all the sweepstakes games such as the choose 3, choose 4, choose 5, choose 6, and more games. You want to get the greatest deal. So create sure you get a sweepstakes application that performs for all games.

4) Does it work?
This is the most essential purpose. Have a look at recommendations and on the internet opinions to discover out if the sweepstakes application performs or not. Are the recommendations providing particular information. The more particular information they have, the more likely it is a genuine application that really does perform.

5) Is it affordable?
Some sweepstakes software programs are just not value the money. So create sure it suits your funds and discover out if it is value your time to get it.

I can go on and on which is the best sweepstakes application but to learn effectively for you, I want to demonstrate you ONE sweepstakes application that does perform. It's Lotto Group. It performs globally, operates 24/7, is simple to use, and it performs. You can go to to get it now.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lotto Master Formula

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